How to Help Your Partner to Overcome Premature Ejaculation?

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Most sexual dysfunctions are suffered by men and many men are quite hesitant to discuss their problem except with their doctor. Many doctors will then recommend their patients to take a particular prescription drug to treat their problem.

This is, in fact, an unfortunate situation because most prescription drugs not only consist mostly of chemical ingredients, but also cause unwanted side effects. Herbal drugs, which come from the nature and least likely cause side effects, are the actual remedies that those men need.

Because men often hesitate to talk about their sexual problem even with their sexual partner, partners who believe that the men they love suffer sexual problem should creatively find remedies for their lovable ones. It is also recommended that they start opening a discussion about it because sometimes, the reason why that problem remains unsolvable is because there is no open discussion about it between sexual partners.

Sexual Dysfunctions Suffered by Men

premature2Although both men and women are potential sufferers of particular types of sexual dysfunction, most of those problems are exist on men. Women may suffer a small number of sexual problems, such as anorgasmia and vaginismus; men, on the other hand, have a greater number of sexual problems that they may potentially suffer, such as erectile dysfunction or impotence, premature ejaculation, and inhibited male orgasm or retarded ejaculation.

All of those problems are similarly disturbing, but premature ejaculation is often considered the most disturbing one. Men consider ejaculation, although premature, a normal phenomenon, unlike erectile dysfunction and retarded ejaculation, which they regard as physical problems that need medical treatment. Therefore, many men consider their inability to postpone or control their ejaculation something not problematic, but embarrassing.

Why Men Hesitate to Talk about Their Premature Ejaculation Problem

Most men who suffer premature ejaculation don’t really like to talk about it even with their partner because they think that premature ejaculation makes them appear weak and powerless. Only after their problem with ejaculation gets worse that they will start thinking about discussing it, though often only with their doctor.

Because men are often not willing to talk about their problem with their partner, discussion often needs to be started by their partner. After an openhearted talk has run smoothly, possible solutions can often be revealed.

Possible Solutions for Premature Ejaculation

Before taking any drug to take care of their sexual problem, men and their sexual partner can use several therapeutic activities that they can do to prevent that problem from deteriorating their enjoyment during intercourse.

The first thing they can do is pressing on the men’s perineum or tugging their scrotum when they are about to ejaculate. When ejaculation occurs, their scrotum rises up and their prostate contracts and expands. By pressing on perineum, where prostate gland exists, and tugging scrotum to prevent it from rising up, ejaculation can be prevented.

The pressing and tugging can be done by either the men or their partner. A fast-paced intercourse can also trigger premature ejaculation. Therefore, sexual partners should slow down their intercourse and make it as relaxed as possible in order to prevent premature ejaculation. Changing positions is also considered an effective way to prevent premature ejaculation.

Men who take passive positions can often hold up ejaculation longer than those who take active positions. For long-term solution, physical exercise can often become a great solution because it can help them strengthen their pubococcygeus muscle.

Treating Premature Ejaculation Medically by Using Male Enhancement Pills

If no significant result is achieved from the aforementioned solutions, men should try to use medical treatment to overcome their sexual problem. Visiting a doctor often results in their having to take a particular prescription drugs. While those drugs are believed to be able to effectively overcome their sexual problem, those drugs consist of chemical ingredients that are not good for their consumers’ body and may cause many unwanted side effects.

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, three drugs that are often recommended by doctors, can provide reliable solution for their sexual problem; however, when they take them frequently, they may suffer numerous side effects, ranging from mild ones, such as headaches, nausea and flushing, to excruciating ones, such as myalgia or muscle pain, abdominal pain, and abnormal or impaired vision.

Besides that, those drugs require them to undertake a series of activities according to the therapeutic mechanism of those drugs. This means that they have to do sexual intercourse after taking those drugs. If they don’t do that, they will have their genitals erected for the rest of the night.

Because medications consisting of chemical ingredients are not the best remedies for premature ejaculation as well as other sexual dysfunctions, men should take a look at male enhancement solution that are made from herbal ingredients, such as Zenerx. This supplement could give its consumers an instant result, but also it be more effective in providing long-term yet satisfactory solution and its absence of any side effects make this supplement a better option than any of the aforementioned prescription drugs.

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